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Traction bars and Air bags

Most HD pickups are equipped with a leaf spring rear suspension and conventional shocks. Traction bars can go a long way in greatly improving the the way your truck tow heavy trailers. Traction bars eliminate all this unwanted movement making your truck feel more in control. We have a couple different options to fit customer needs and preference from full length 60″ WCFAB traction bars with custom color options, and CAL TRACS from Calvert Racing which are tucked away up closer to the leaf spring. Both are excellent options that we have installed and used on our own trucks.Check out the links below for more manufacturer information.

products-hub-wirelessone2ndgenOwn the Air

WirelessOne™ gives you on-the-go control of your air springs, without emptying your wallet.

  • Single-path control: Left and right air springs are inflated/deflated equally
  • Wireless handheld unit and FREE mobile app for convenient operation inside or outside the vehicle
  • Easy installation – no air lines to the cab!
  • Three user-defined preset memory settings

Axle BELOW Leafsprings

Designed by Drag Race legend John Calvert. Bolt On traction system. Full pre-load adjustability, keeps axle from rotating/maintains pinion angle, improves 60′ times. Black powder coated for durability. Low Pro, 2, 3, and 4 hole pivot plates available (hole count refers to link/bar adjustment holes, not the top two install holes).


Traction bars are a necessary upgrade when increasing the horsepower on your diesel truck to prevent the axle from twisting which can lead to broken u-joints, driveshafts, and even twisted axle housings. Our traction bar brackets bolt on to the bottom of the axle tube via the axle u-bolts and weld to the frame on the front end. We use a high quality RockJock rebuild-able and grease-able “Johnny Joint” heim connection at the frame to allow for adjustment of torsion on the axle or if you raise/lower the rear of your truck. At the axle connection we use a heavy duty Poly Urethane Bushing for decreased noise and vibration which is common complaint if a solid heim is used on both ends. Grade 8 hardware connects the bars to the mounts on the frame and axle. We complete our traction bar kit with our professional in house powder coat process in your color choice and comes standard with a epoxy Primer base coat before the final color which increases corrosion resistance by more than ten times compared to just your standard powder single coat application.