What We Do

Tune and Repair

At Dooley’s Diabolical Diesel We Repair Gas and Diesel Trucks.

Dooley’s Diabolical Diesel is transforming light duty diesel and gas trucks into the rigs they should have been from the factory. We upgrade parts to make a more reliable truck that lasts. We love working on these trucks! Why? Because we personally own Ford, Dodge and Chevy diesels. We are professional with each and every customer. We don’t just swap parts, we make your truck everything you want it to be.Dooley’s Diabolical Diesel can rebuild or replace any engine or part on your truck, whether you’re looking to optimize your diesel or you’re repairing/ swaping/ pimping a gas engine.

We have a complete line of performance parts. We use only the highest quality parts available, to ensure a reliable solution on every job. Check out our vendor page to see what we use.

Full automotive repair for gas and diesel.
We have parts on order, aftermarket upgrades, AC DELCO BATTERIES, Cold Air Intakes, Fuel Injection Upgrades and so much more. 

Powerstroke, Duramax and Cummins performance options available.

Most domestic makes and models and even a few foriegn makes. But give us a call to make sure, (406) 781-0978.

Fleet services available, if you’re interested in Fleet Work, click here.